Shock is an Online Casino B2B Game provider that focus on creating games for new generations of players. Our games offers unique mechanics and game play. Entertain your players by engaging them. Our first product family is Swipies

What is a Swipie?


Tired of slot games that all just looks and plays the same?, A Swipie is a new category of casino games that change how you play. Through touch and gestures we create a unique experience that engage the players.

warning Swipie's are intended to be played on mobile devices with touch screens.

Promotional Tools


We offer several unique and most have tools that you as an operator can use to acquire and retain players, including the unique FRENZY mode.

Offer players unlimited free games for a fixed period of time in any of our games, adding an element of skill and another dimension of pure excitement. Your Exposure is controlled through state of the art proprietary technology that prevents cheating and abnormal round frequency. This feature is guaranteed to put any player into a frenzy.

Play the game blitzing fast with the built-in Blitz mode! This allows you to seamless jump between regular game play and ultra-fast blitz mode. You can set it to stop on features allowing you to see the big wins in the regular mode without needing to reload or restart the game.

Free Games

Offer your players traditional free games in any of our games where you can control bet size, rounds and even on what devices a player can redeem them. This is a most have function for any game system

Crystal Swipe Star

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the games made in?

These are all HTML5 games supported in most larger browsers.

How do I put SHOCK games on my website?

We offer a very simple REST API integration where most of the work can be automated due to the use of OpenAPI standards.

What devices are supported?

Swipies are designed to be played on mobile devices with touch support be it Android or IOS. Most modern browsers are supported. Games can be played using a desktop or laptop computer but its not as enjoyable.

Do you offer any promotional features?

Free Game functionality is implemented and there is more to come. We already offer a live data pump that allows for easy integration into operator level promotional systems such as side jackpots and tournaments. Check out the promotional tools information above.

Lu Symbol from Coin Swipe

What is the Return Percentage(RTP)?

The RTP varies from game to game and might also differ under what jurisdictions the game is operated under. To be certain of the RTP of the game when playing always check in the Paytable tab. All games comes with at least a standard 96% Version

How about volatility?

Just like slot games this can vary a lot. Currently both Crystal and Coin Swipe would be considered volatile.

Is there any skill involved?

No, the game relies on tested and proven RNG. Our Random Number Generator and Game Platform has been certified by Gaming Associates for MGA, DGA and SGA.

What about desktop?

Games can be played using any type of computer but its not as enjoyable, its recommended to play using a touch capable device.